Wished She Were You

She has the same color hair.
She’s about your height.
She likes the same music.
But she’s not you.

She has your eyes.
She has your fragrance.
She laughs like you.
But she’s not you.

She loves like you.
She cares like you.
She smiles like you.
But she’s not you.

These are all the the things I loved about you.
These are all the the things you no longer are.
You’ve grown into a different person.
You’re not her.

Wished she were you.


Thank you Ex

After a break-up, most people don’t want to think about their Ex. It helps with getting on with their lives, to move forward and to leave the past behind them. What people should also do is thank their Ex. There was a point in time, when you enjoyed being together. A point in time when it seemed like you’d spend the rest of your life with that person.  However, that relationship ended and you moved on.

Thank you Ex because now I know what I did wrong.

Thank you Ex because now I know what you did wrong.

Thank you Ex because I’m one relationship experience smarter.

Thank you Ex because I now know what not to do.

Thank you Ex because I now know what I want and need.


Relationships should be a learning experience, yes even the bad ones. It’ll help us find what we truly want and it’ll attract what we really deserve. So thank you Ex.



HAIM – If I Could Change Your Mind

I miss 80’s music.

They’re sisters who know what they like.

Give them a listen 🙂


Nothing seems to be more influential in the negative course of a relationship that cheating.  What’s even more surprising is how it affects FUTURE relationships. For instance, in my last relationship we broke up because of a lack of trust. There was no mutual trust because she had been cheated on in the past and assumed that I would do the same to her. I still can’t get over the ramifications that cheating has caused.

Are you a fool for taking back someone who cheated on you? “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” may ring true, but carrying that mentality into new relationships is detrimental. It’s horrible to think that the people you will get involved with will likely cheat on you. Being cheated on is a terrible thing to experience, but to assume it’ll happen again, you ultimately cheat yourself. 


So It’s been a nice long while since my last post. Sorry about that, life gets interesting/busy that it’s hard to find time to write. So let’s see… where to start. To close out the year, 2013, I was dating a couple girls. Neither turned into a relationship, but I did gain a nice friend out of one of them. It was probably not for the best anyways. The girl who turned into a friend, I started dating her because she looked A LOT like my ex. I know I know, that’s poor form on my part, however I don’t regret meeting her because she turned out to be a great person, we just didn’t have any lasting chemistry and remain friendly towards each other. I’m starting to think that I don’t want to get into a relationship. They’re so much of hassle to start and even harder to remain flourishing. I think it would be easier to just get involved with a friend. There’s that already established likeness towards each other which eliminates the hassle of starting over with someone brand new. The main problem with this idea, i don’t think I have a friend whom I would get involved with.

To start off 2014, I bought a new car! I finally got that Volkswagen GLI I wanted. It’s a 2012 model, meaning used, but it was a demo car so extremely low miles! My dad and I negotiated a real nice deal so I signed off and drove it home! My father is the man at haggling. He’s one of those Asians that’ll haggle the price of Mcdonald’s if given the opportunity. Image


I started making plans for EDC 2014! Whoo I’m excited. A lot of my friends whom I’m going with are saying this’ll be their last year. Kind of sad, but I understand. I know that if I were to get involved with someone, convincing them to go to EDC would be difficult. EDM still isn’t that popular with people my age. People my age….that’s how you make yourself sound old. Speaking of age, I turned 30 this past February!

So what does any grown 30 year old do for their birthday, throw a costume karaoke party of course!  Had a great time with family and friends as always. I recycled my Tony the Tiger costume once more and was a Morse Tiger (a local high school mascot).


That’s it for now. Hanging with some friends in LA. Later everyone!

Poetry In Motion

You take my breath away. 

The way you hug is filled with passion and intensity.

Your curves are perfect, seemingly engineered to strike definite emotion in me.

When I’m inside you, we fit so well. I’m the key to your lock.

Drip drip drop, when it’s wet I’m afraid to lose control, but you hold me in place and guide me through.


Together I feel like we could fly off into outer space. 

There are others who may have some of your qualities, but none can encompass all of what you are.

You mean the world to me. Without you I don’t know how I’d get around.


The one day after work, I was looking for you.

You were nowhere to be found. I began to worry.

Did someone steal your heart? Did someone claim you for themselves?

I even called the police to help me look. I got a call.


Someone did take you from me. 

Someone was envious of what we had and wanted you for themselves.

They came into our home and kidnapped you.

They stripped you naked and after they were done with you, left you to die.


I’ll never forget my first car…


The water begins to bead off the glass under the warm summer night. I look across at her as she swipes the hair from her face. Her cheeks glisten in the moonlight as the strap from her dress slinks ever so slowly off her shoulder. She inches closer to me and whispers something sweet into my ear. All I could make were the words, “I can…yes…would you loosen my belt?” I couldn’t have picked a worse time to submit to alcohol. 

I shake it off and now everything begins to focus. The rain has finally stopped and I realize the car is upside down. Her cheeks are shiny from the blood spilling from her temple. She’s actually groaning, “I can’t undo my seat belt.” A man yells from outside the car, she replies, “Yes! We’re stuck and need help! Drew can you loosen your belt? HELP!”  

I can smell smoke and it begins to fill the inside of the car. It catches fire and the people that were trying to reach for us have now backed away. All I can see is her face as she begins to cry. I hold her hand and say, “I’m sorry. I love you.” She says “I love you too.”